Cisco Certify Engineer


About Us

Mertel System is a Thailand Company which was founded in 2012 by Group of Professional Engineering which have more experience in Network over 15 years to the larges provider and Enterprise in Thailand such CAT, TOT, TA ( now TRUE ), TT&T, Banking, University, Internet provider and Industrial. Our teams have skill well with number one brand of Networking products such as Cisco, BDCOM, Mikrotik, CTS, Newbridge, Nortel, ADTRAN, Foundry, Telindus which could maid us to help customers to design, Consult Service,  Installation and Troubleshooting including with choose the right product into his requirement to fit the budget, especially to WAN/LAN, Broadband, MPLS, DSLAM, TDM, UTM, L2/L3 Switch, Router, WiFi, Security, Hotspot, xDSL, VPN, Ether-ring switch, GPON/GEPON, Media Converter, SFP Compatible. We can help customer to integrate Solution by using difference brand or same brand until success by come with good performance, Flexibility and low cost. We willing to help customer to buy the product with good price which similar to buy direct from Manufacture in China, Taiwan and etc.  


Mikrotik Certify Engineer